Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bathing, washing with drain water

TWO families in Kampung Sentosa, Taiping have been depending on water from a nearby drain for bathing and washing for the past 13 years.
E. Chandran and his wife M. Danaletchumy, both in their 30s, failed in their application for piped water supply from the Perak Water Board (PWB) as they could not produce the land title for their house.
Danaletchumy said her mother, P. Segamani, 66, and her three school-going children C. Khesavinnothini, 11, Thanneswaran, nine, and one-year-old Divyasree were used to bathing with water from the drain.
“We use the water from the drain which originates from a swamp behind our house to bathe and wash.
That's the drain: Ponni showing the source of her water supply.
“As for our supply of drinking water, we pay our neighbour 30sen per gallon of water,'' she said.
Danaletchumy said she found out that her land title had been approved by the district land office but the family did not have the money to pay the land premium.
Her neighbour S. Ponni, a single mother, said she used a small electric pump to siphon water from the drain.
The plight of Ponni and her seven-month-old son S. Thushanthkumar recently caught the attention of Persatuan Pekhidmatan Komuniti Taiping’s (Esda) founding director Stephen Chow who pledged to find the family a house with piped water.
Bukit Gantang MP Roslan Shaharum’s aide, Basir Ahmad, said he would seek a waiver of the ruling requiring a land title to be produced before piped water could be connected under the present Pakatan Rakyat-led Perak Govern-ment.
“Recently, we connected tap water supply to the home of an elderly woman in nearby Larut Tin after she failed to get tap water supply for the past eight years,” he said.

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